Frequently Asked Questions

First Percent is an Influencer Talent Management Agency focused on helping the smaller influencers become big and make a change in this industry.
First Percent Headquarters are based in London, but we work with influencers all over Europe and in some cases North America & South America.
We are looking for highly motivated people with around 10k, if you are below by a couple thousand but you feel like you are cut for this, feel free to apply!
At the moment that’s our main focus, any type of influencer on Instagram, we will help you grow across all platforms by completely blowing up the growth on your Instagram.
You can apply by filling out this form:
Unlike other agencies, we practice what we preach on a daily basis in our own big Instagram Accounts, we have been mastering the Instagram game years before we decided to launch FP just to make sure we are the best option once we launched.
You will have access to professional video editors, photo editors, photographers, free photoshoots, free trips and more! Also with our help, you’ll be able to take all the guesswork out and just apply what actually works, when you get stuck we will know exactly why is that and how to fix it based on the many accounts we have grown in the last few years.

Whether you’re a talent looking to grow your audience, or a brand interested in working with our network of influencers, we would love to talk!

Please contact [email protected], or use the form below.