Why Instagram Is The Best Social Media Platform of 2021

In 2021, brands are transcending traditional print and targeted advertising to invest in social media marketing. With everyone glued to their phones, targeted ads on social media are an essential way to reach consumers. Ads are so well integrated into everyday social media use, in fact, that many users don’t even notice them. 

As a result of this integration, social media marketing today generates plenty of investment opportunities. 

Currently, there are several major social media platforms available, but if you are seeking the best social media platform for building your brand, there is none better than Instagram. 

Instagram is not your best choice due to the size of its userbase, if that were the case then Facebook would surpass it in popularity. So, if not the number of users alone, why is Instagram the best option for usage, engagement and marketing? 

Instagram is not text-based 

Instagram allows users to tell their stories and share their successes via images. A direct and welcome contrast with Twitter and Facebook, which allows users to spill their thoughts and feelings via lengthy statuses and posts- Instagram injects colour into people’s social media via videos and image stories. 


Microblogging is becoming an incredibly popular practice, with platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram joining Facebook and Twitter in importance for conveying blogging stories. This is due to the quick and attractive sharing possibilities of Instagram. The lengthiest part of Instagram posting is deciding what text to accompany your image! And even then, there needn’t be any text at all!

Instagram is social and interactive 

Instagram allows its users to interact with one another’s posts via ‘liking’ and commenting. Instagram allows you to follow people whose content you are interested in, and them to follow you if your content also piques their interest. This gives Instagram an edge over Facebook as it allows for more privacy. For instance, if your account is private and you follow someone and they don’t follow you back, you will be able to enjoy their content without them seeing content you yourself have posted. 

Instagram is interactive 

Instagram allows the use of filters to make the content look attractive. It also allows the use of hashtags, which make it easy for people to find your content if they have a particular interest and thus makes it more likely that your content will go viral than if it were posted on another social media app. 

Instagram can improve your looks (at least online!) 

Instagram’s filters are superb at hiding imperfections, age and enhancing your features. Embrace them and enjoy putting your best self forward! 

Instagram makes it easier to share content across other platforms. 

Instagram offers ease of content sharing. When you post a photo, you’re automatically given the option to share it across your other social media apps. 

Better Target Market Penetration:

Studies show impulsive buying runs across all genders, so it’s incredibly easy to influence consumer shopping choices on a wide scale. 60% of internet users aged between 18 and 29 years have an Instagram account. 

To sell your product on Instagram, all you need do is post a short video or a high-resolution picture of your product and the link to it on your website will already be included. 

Brand Image 

The reason Instagram is so good is because of its UI (User Interface). Whilst other social media apps allow you to access their websites via PC as the primary platform, Instagram’s mobile app is greatly preferred with 700 million users from around the world. 

Users on Instagram are active 

A recent survey showed that users on Instagram are 58% more likely to interact (like, share, comment etc) with Instagram content than they are with Facebook content, so you’ll get much better engagement than you would on most social media sites. 

Instagram shows your customers your process! 

With Instagram, you can upload ‘behind the scenes’ glimpses into how your product is made, the varieties it comes in, and even where it’s made! 

This makes potential customers feel involved with their purchases. 

Hashtags encourage customer interaction!

Once you’ve acquired a reasonable number of followers, you can branch out and gain more via the use of hashtags. It’s smart to request customers to share images of themselves using your products, maybe by way of offering a discount or promotion. 

Instagram injects your business with personality and/or professionalism! 

Instagram is a fantastic platform to mould how you want your business to appear to potential customers. Depending on whether your product is fun, or functional, you can tailor content to suit the message you’re trying to portray. 

Instagram interaction establishes trust! 

A lot of online platforms have the potential to alienate customers. Instagram is a medium that can put across a light-hearted touch by way of you sharing your customer’s happy experiences with your brand. 

Instagram gives you the opportunity for promotion! 

Brands can promote themselves and their products by advertising potential sales, limited time offers and contests! For example, you could offer one lucky winner a free product for liking and commenting on a promotional post. 

Instagram can promote events! 

If your company has a special event, you can definitely use Instagram to promote it and invite your customers, perhaps with the promise of freebies or discounts. It’s a great idea to photograph your customers enjoying the event and share these images to your Instagram. 

Instagram is the perfect place to go viral! 

Instagram is the perfect place to go viral, whether through the use of a promotional mascot, tying your product into topical events or even having a cute pet or cool, memorable graphics

Instagram Stories! 

Although other apps have the story function, Instagram’s one is better integrated and allows you to share minor updates, news and processes of your product without it cluttering the flow of your account’s content. 

Instagram messaging 

Instagram messaging means that customers can reach you with queries, complaints or compliments with just a click of a button. This allows you direct communication with your client base, in a more casual set-up.