Wealth and success are not necessarily needed to enjoy the pleasures of life.

On the other side the indulgence of being in the top of that mountain that took you so much to climb, should open room for celebration.

At First Percent we help our members enjoy and share those pleasures and the best things in life. With weekly events and a global network of likeminded people we help you to disconnect and connect at the same time.

Our club allows you to meet people like you; with the same passions and the same access. From Sports to wellness, from hunting to car racing, from sailing to art collections; First Percent is the perfect place to network with people who like what you like and can access it like you can.

Our club operates through private events in exclusive Venues in our global destinations with weekly events. Access to other members are made through local councillors so you are introduced to other members by someone in common and you are always connected.