Our membership is not made for socialites, wannabes, show-offs or anyone with no real interest in personal development and growth.

First percent is made for the ones who made it and sit at the top of their trees.

  • The gentlemen will have to prove at least 7 digits net worth or being at the top of their tree within their industries. Yearly membership fee is USD5000.
  • Memberships are limited at 100 members per club chapter. Global metropolis may have more than one chapter.
  • Members Net worth is to be verified and members should accept a discrete but effective verification process.
  • As the club ambassadors for elegance, style and beauty, the net worth threshold doesn’t apply to female members.
  • Guest members are members that have been invited by other members and accepted by the club councillors or provided complementary membership based on what they bring to the table.
  • Once accepted you will be welcomed and introduced by your local councillor to members in person. Once you are in you are part of.
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Members can claim founder status while establishing Club Chapters in Global Destinations under the approval and under the guidelines of First Percent headquarters in London UK. Founding members enjoy voting rights on First Percent Global governance.

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